The Singles Ward MP3 Album
Various Artists

When Jonathan Jordan gets divorced he’s thrust back into the world of being a single Mormon – a world who’s ultimate goal is eternal marriage. Struggling to fit in, Jonathan decides to stop going to church only to be pursued by the members of the local singles ward who want to reactivate him.

Nothing works until Jonathan falls for Cammie Giles, the ward activities director. Suddenly, going to church becomes much more appealing. But is he going for the right reasons?

Name Price
The Church Of Jesus Christ $0.99
Come, Come, Ye Saints $0.99
There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today $0.99
Do What Is Right $0.99
Popcorn Popping $0.99
Book Of Mormon Stories $0.99
In Our Lovely Deseret $0.99
Keep The Commandments $0.99
I Feel My Savior's Love $0.99
We Are All Enlisted $0.99
Battle Hymn Of The Republic $0.99
Let Us All Press On $0.99
When Grandpa Comes $0.99
God Be With You Till We Meet Again $0.99

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