EFY 2007: Power in Purity MP3 Album
Various Artists

Year in and year out, the Especially for Youth album is one of the finest in LDS music, and 2007 is no exception. Power in Purity is packed with youth tested-and-approved songs filled with testimony-building, faith-strengthening messages. Featuring the best LDS musical talent, including Jessie Clark Funk, Jenny Jordan Frogley, Greg Simpson, Clint Poulsen, Felicia Wolfe, and more. Songbook also available.

Name Price
Power in Purity $0.99
You Raise Me Up $0.99
...And Waiting $0.99
Inside $0.99
It's Gonna Rain $0.99
Let it Shine $0.99
Familiar $0.99
I Am a Child of God / I Have a Savior $0.99
Treasure in Heaven $0.99
Peace $0.99
Color of Truth $0.99
Shine $0.99

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